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Commercial Water Turbines



With nominal outputs up to 1.5 MW, these units have been specifically designed for commercial power generation. They provide a fully governed and regulated three-phase AC supply. All can be controlled using the latest versions of our award winning ‘Electronic Load Governing System’

The high head ‘Hillstream’ sites are harnessed using mainly vertical shaft milti-jet ‘Pelton’ wheels and ‘Turgo’ type runners in a square casing. Highly adaptable and reliable, we have supplied these to projects around the world for over thirty years. The lower head ‘Millstream’ sites are developed using circular cased ‘Armstrong’ and ‘Propeller’ turbines. The very low head sites employ ‘Open-Flume’ or ‘Bulb-Type’ propeller turbines.

We usually fit brushless synchronous generators because it allows the plant to be operated when there is a power cut, and it usually reduces the grid connection costs if it avoids the need to re-cable the local grid network. All generators are well insulated and able to withstand accidental over-speeds. Protection against dangerous ‘over-voltages’ associated with over-speed conditions is also standard.

Minihydro projects in the range 50 kW to about 1500 kW per set, are designed specifically for the site and application. We pride ourselves with providing economic solutions for sites that other manufacturers regard as impossible or very expensive. Ultra-low head schemes below 3 metres, tidal or freestream turbines and very variable flows have all been catered for in the past.

Such schemes are interconnected with a national grid system or power an isolated grid system for rural electrification.