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With nominal outputs up to 5 kW, these units have been specifically designed for simple low cost projects, often in remote rural locations. Unlike other mass-produced units that fit only a limited range of sites, Evans "PICO" Turbines are of modular construction, so that they can be adapted quickly and easily to fit a far wider range of site and application. The units can be installed vertically or horizontally and have a number of different runners to cater for a wide range of site conditions. Turbines that are directly connected to the generator have to be matched closely to the site on which they are to be installed

The shaft sealing system incorporates an air-gap, a feature often omitted in low cost units with dire consequences. Water will always leak past lip-seals, so if it can pass directly into the bearing, the first you may know of it will be a catastrophic failure of the drive end bearing, and possibly generator as well. We fit brushless synchronous generators that are well insulated and able to withstand accidental over-speeds. Protection against dangerous 'over-voltages' associated with over-speed conditions is also standard. Few of these features are ever found on imported Far Eastern products.

Very small units with a nominal output up to about 1000 watts (Nanohydro units) are designed to provide lighting for individual dwellings in rural areas of Developing Countries and employ high efficiency permanent magnet or totally enclosed brushless generators producing 24 volts DC. We manufacture them in small batches to keep the cost of a typical 1000watt unit below two thousand pounds.

Agricultural units also fall into the category of "PICO" have many applications from water pumping, to rice-milling. If electricity is generated at all, it is usually as a secondary activity to the commercial enterprise and may well be carried on at night when the mill processes stop. This group of turbines is designed for low cost manufacture in developing countries using as much locally available material as possible. They also have an application for low cost installations in the developed world where a small amount of power is required at an economic price.